Singing celebrities

Thursday, 20 September 2007

There are people who collect only records or CD’s. I collect music, and I do not care all too much for the medium. I prefer vinyl, but if it comes to me in an other form it is okay to me. And much music doesn’t exist on vinyl anyway.
On the Roland Vonk tape, that I mentioned yesterday, are several recordings from politicians and other celebrities that are making music. Roland Vonk collects this stuff, and he used to tape a lot from television. I guess that nowadays collecting this material has become a lot easier, but I have never heard better things than what I got from Roland. Of course, this is not about the music, but about the persons who make it.
Here is Idi Amin on accordion:

Imelda Marcos’ main claim to fame was her massive shoe collection, but she also sang quite a lot on television. Here is one of her own compositions:

And here is Silvio Berlusconi singing Dolce :




2007-10-16 09:40:54

imelda will always be a thief to us pinoys living in Europe,the shameless thief!she sucks.