Mail and such (part 2)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Arnold Heikamp has compiled all his columns that he wrote for Prime Time Magazine and published them as 306 page book at
I had the honour of making the cover of the book. The column ( De bonte was ) is about music and media, mainly television. As a long time reader of Prime Time I had already read all the stories there, and when I re-read them in the book I was not disappointed. The man can write and he is funny!
Last week I found another CD on the street. I have no idea how many cars ran over it before I saved it, but I was too late. There will be no more music coming from this piece of aluminium. But I keep it anyway. You never know what techniques the aliens might bring along when they land on this planet one day.
Henk wrote: ”since you seem to be interested in audio experiments, you might want to check out this link.”
Aloys Osterwijk makes drawings of court trials for a Dutch newspaper. Beautiful drawings of people who have done horrible things.
Aloys was once the singer/ guitarist of the former dutch band De Keng has now put up some material on his own website. aloys has won the Stripschapsprijs this year, an award for comic artists.
MashUpTown keeps me informed about the newest MashUps. I have heard some amazing MashUps recently, and this one, Young folks rehab by DJ Topcat, is definitely one of the most played at my house.