Letters and art

Thursday, 2 September 2010

While working as a handyman i walk and bike quite a lot through town, buying materials. The amount of great stuff that i pass by, lying on the pavement, waiting to be picked up by the garbagemen, is staggering. I have to resist the urge to take it all with me. Yesterday i saw a whole pile glossy magazines. I had to work, so i had no change to take it with me,but i did grab one magazine. It was the most snobbish magazine i have ever read. It was about interior design, and on the pictures were rooms and people that looked totally fake. I disliked it so much that i did nothing with the magazine, which happens very rarely.
Well, i did cut out one picture, to use in a letter that i wrote about it:

Only after i had written the letter, i noticed the artwork, hanging on the wall behind the dead man’s back. I kind of liked it. But most of all i liked the idea to make a collection of drawings based on paintings that you see on all kind of pictures in newspapers and magazines. They are usually incomplete and vague, so that makes it interesting trying to reproduce them.
Unfortunately i had little tim today, so i only made two drawings, that are not what i had in mind. But here they are anyway:

And here are two other (miniature) drawings that i made in recent letters:

If anybody wants to receive a handwritten letter with drawings, just ask.



2010-09-04 15:00:58

Ha, as I was reading I thought “You’ve never sent ME a letter w/ miniature drawings ;)”, then scrolled down and saw your offer… So yes, pretty please? :)