Ken Nordine

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Long time ago i bought a CD of the record “Colours”, that Ken Nordine had made in the early seventies, or even earlier. I already had the “Word Jazz” LP’s on a cassette, but i didn’t know anything of the man. The CD opened up my ears and from then on i tried to listen to everything that Ken Nordine has recorded.
That turned out to be impossible: the man has recorded incredibly much! And from what i have heard, it is all good.
Recently i saw that Ken Nordine can be heard on Spotify with several CD’s. But it is way too little. I want to hear all he ever made, including the tapes that somebody from WMFU found on a flea market a while ago!
Here are some recordings that can be found on YouTube, includibng my all time favourite, “Down the drain”:


Pieter Jan Vink

2019-10-22 23:43:46

Hij was ooit te horen op WordJazzRadio:
Ken blijft voor mij één van de geweldigste reclame stemmen van USA commercials.