Marcel Ruijters

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Today i was at the comic convention in Houten because Ger van Wulften received an award. Of course i also bought some books. Like these publications by Marcel Ruijters:

I have already mentioned the little booklet with portraits of serial killers that Marcel has published many years ago. This more of that. I no longer have much interest in serial killers; i was fascinated by them in the nineties. But i still love Marcel’s drawings. Here are a few:

There was some music in between the ceremonials around the awards: Theo van den Boogaard sang three Bob Dylan songs, accompanied by a guy on a synthesizer and a one on a guitar. It took me one song to get my mobile phone to record this historical event (i had never used this function) but i did manage to record the second two songs.
I just wanted to put the songs up this blog, but it turns out i don’t have a cable to hook my phone up to my computer. Such things happen when you never care to update your life to new technology. I leave the recordings on my phone till i find a way to free these files and share them with you. So, to be continued!