Pieter Dorrenboom

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pieter Dorrenboom sends me a lot of real cool things. Not only made by himself, but also records, T-shirts, artwork, etcetera. This “Woelewippie” was a recent surprise in one of his envelopes:

“Woelewippie” was written by Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrated by Fiep Westerdorp. Even though it is not their best work (probably because it was meant educational, to help children learn the traffic rules, and both Annie and Fiep were rebels), it still is a treat to read.
Here are a few of the drawings:

I guess that from now on Pieter will publish his complete collections, including all the Fiep Westerdorp stuff, on his own site , so i will concentrate on the things he will probably not publish there.
As many people Pieter is very critical about his own work. While i am enthousiast over every line he puts on paper, he seems only satisfied with 1 percent of whatever he makes. I have quite a lot of his work. Like several T-shirts. Here is one, made for his band “The Sound of Music”:

All these shirts have been worn extensively, so i don’t think they are collectors items any more. But if you want to have an old Pieter Dorrenboom T-shirt framed on your wall, just ask.