Gratis strips

Friday, 1 October 2010

Whenever i am at home and sit behind the computer, i watch FaceBook. Usually i don’t post much, if anything at all, but i like to see and read what my friends post on FaceBook. I have 91 friends and some of them are very active, posting several messages every day, and some are really interesting. (Only a few days ago i discovered that i had over forty requests for a FaceBook friendship, which i had somehow managed to overlook for months.)
Last week an action started after a Dutch newspaper asked comic artists to make comics for free. It was actually a contest, but there was no payment for the winners. Anyway, somebody started an action on FaceBook called “comic artists shouldn’t publish comics in newspapers for free.” Within two days about 200 people signed up to this campaign.
I never like it when people tell me what i should or should not do. And neither do i like actions against anything; i think it is much better to be for something. So i posted a joke that felt like making a free comic for a newspaper. Although it was meant as a joke, i really liked the idea. If i would have been able to draw a comic, i would have certainly done one. (Not for a newspaper, of course, but just to upset those 200 people.) Unfortunately drawing comics is not yet part of my talents.
Last night i made a CD compilation with 22 songs that i like to listen to at the moment, and since i had no title, i called it:

And having nothing better to do, i thought up some cartoons about the subject. Drawing cartoons is almost just as big a pain in the ass for me as drawing comics, but since it would be good for me to learn this, i try to draw the best ones. So far i have finished only two:

I have to work this weekend (building a gardenhouse for friends) so i don’t know if i will be able to pick up this little project again after that, but right now i want nothing more.