I guide, you tube

Thursday, 28 October 2010

When wabmester Arjen gave me this site, i first made a YouTube blog, called “I guide. you tube”. At that time still a lot of people that i knew didn’t watch YouTube, while i was euphoric over this medium. I stopped watching television when i was 20 or so, because it rarely satisfied my need for certain images. But YouTube made it possible to see all the moving images i ever hoped to see and more.
I have long stopped making this YouTube blog, but i still am an avid YouTube fan. I think i watch two hours per week. Only the best stuff. I like to get links from other people, but when i don’t like what i see, i click it away immediately. I don’t want to pollute my mind with images (and other info) that doesn’t add anything of value to my life.
This morning Ruud Talbo sent me a link to a video that would have perfectly fitted my blog. It is about a theory based on minimal information and no facts at all, but pretty convincing anyway, if you have a mind that has an inclination for mysteries.


Blauwe Hein

2010-11-04 03:54:41

First guess: it was Chaplin’s mother. She was demented, and could have spoken with nobody around. Chaplin perhaps wanted her in his movie, just for himself, and couldn’t expect that 70 years later everybody could stop and enlarge movies at home. You can see her hand is empty, the confused lady is hiding her face from the sun.
Second guess, Chaplin is the lady, he’s hiding his mouth and face because he is directing the cameramen and actors on the set.