Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A few months ago somebody showed me the object that she had an artist made for the grave of her father. It was beautiful. The idea, that you can place something else than a traditional square block of stone on the grave of a dear person, kept my interest. It always bothered me that when my mother died, now almost 20 years ago, i never did any effort to make her something special. But, apart from this, the idea of designing something for a grave, seemed appealing to me.
I have made many many sketches. Today i sorted these out and here is a small selection of the ones that i might work out one day.

And here are some sketches on the same subject, all made in the train. I meant them as pop-up postcards, but that is impossible to see in these sketches.

I used the German word “Denkmal” for a title of this story. I love that word. Denkmal!