Sunday, 17 October 2010

There are many subjects that don’t get the attention in thsi blog that they deserve. Like the one-of-one records. If you use the search engine on this site, you might find some stories about these records that people made in record booths. These make-a-record machines have been available from the forties uptill the late sixties in stores, on stations and airports. For little money you could make a recording of about 30 seconds upto a minute and, just like in passport photo booth, a few minutes later a record would come out of the machine.
Here is one such one-of-one record, that doesn’t has a lable or hat has lost its label in the 43 years that it travelled from 20 january 1967 to here and now:

Like on most of these souvenir records the content is not mind blowing, to say the least. But i wouldn’t mind having a 10 cd box with the best one-of-ones that have been re-discovered. I know that there are several other collectros of this stuff, but if i really want to have that 10 cd box, i am afraid i have to make it myself.