Voice SFX

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When i was a teenager i saw a guy on television who imitated Jimi Hendricx, both his singing and his guitar playing. I was very impressed. He also did other imitations of sounds with his voice, and i remember the slamming of a door as the most impressive. Recently our daughter, who likes the a capella songs that i put on one of our music-for-in-the-car cd’s, if there are people who can imitate the sound of a piano with their voice. I cann’t remember having ever come across this, but maybe you have?
Here is a guy doing all kind of motor vehicle sounds with his voice:

There seems to be no limit to what can be done with a voice and i would love to hear and see more of this stuff!



2012-11-02 19:31:20

Here is a recording from a 1983 issue of russian Krugozor magazine with a guy that impersonates various instruments, songs, and also imitates a czech singer named Jiri Korn.


2012-11-03 11:01:44

@Austin: you made my day! What a great track! If i cabn send you any recordings, please let me know!!!