Virtual origami

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I never did a serious attempt to master the art of origami. Stuff like that is a bit dangerous for minds like mine. Since computers can be used to solve origamic problems which the best artists in this field hadn’t even thought of, i feel less inclined to waste my life on origami. Here is an article on computational origami that wabmester Arjen sent me. It is about a program that calculates how you can fold extremely complex 3d mazes out of sheets of paper. Like this alphabet for example:

Of course, this virtual origami. You cannot really do this, unless you use a sheet of paper the size of Holland. But that doesn’t make the ideas less brilliant.



2010-10-14 22:48:16

I’m really disappointed that you didn’t try to solve at least one puzzle. :) The first one doesn’t look too hard, just print it out and start folding!