MC archive (part 1)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Marthy Coumans came by yesterday. About two years ago he told me he was throwing away his cassette tapes and i told him that i would come and kill him if he did. Marthy has one of the finest record collections that i know of and he made tapes of all his best finds. These are mostly 45’s from the 60’s that ordinary people like me and you have never heard and probably would never hear, if you didn’t get a cassette tape from Marthy.
The problem is that, apart from the fact that i am not a very experienced killer, i have already a wall of cassette tapes of my own that still have to be digitalised. So i made no hurry to travel to Breda to get the boxes (!!!) with cassettes. But yesterday Marthy brought the boxes to me. I have them next to my desk now, with no idea where to store them. But i will surely not do them away: the music is a goldmine beyond description.
Most tapes have an inlay with info, but some have not, and many inlays got seperated from the cassettes. So for the next few months i have a nice job sorting all this out.
Here is a random song from the first cassette that i listened to. It had no sleeve and all the songs seemed to come from Greece:



2010-10-13 12:10:01

dit is bedoeld voor de skywalkers, maar de comment-sectie ontbreekt bij dat stukje: wow!