Made in the USSR

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Here is a box that was made in the USSR, probably in the late sixties:

The colours are a bit faded, but i think that the design is great. In the box are nine 45’s that all have the same back sleeve:

The front covers are diferent and man, what a designs!

I have a faint idea that maybe some of the readers of this blog want to know what is on the nine records, so i will not disappoint you. Here is what is on one side of a random record from the box:

You can order a cd with the complete recordings after i worked my way through the 500 cassette tapes that i mentioned earlier this week.

There is one German song on one of the records. For the hard core fans of this blog, here it is:



2010-10-18 21:27:36

Oh my, the one with the train is delicious.