Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hans Lijklema also sent me some flexi records. Two of them were made in Poland, where they have made some pretty special paper flexi records, of which i have a handful.
Most of the Polish paper flexi records were released on Colorvox, like this one:

The other paper flexi seems to be a musical for children. It comes in an envelop:

Here are both sides of this beauty:

In the enevelop was not only the record, but also two pieces of paper to built your own paper theater:

There are three songs on the record. I have no idea what they are about, but here they are:




And because i know there is at least one reader of this blog who cannot sleep if he hasn’t heard what is on the Colorvox record, here is that too:



2010-10-31 20:43:41

thanks, the colorvox was a nice surprise!