The Skywalkers

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I often wonder what i am doing on FaceBook, but then there is a link from a friend to a video that makes it all worth while. The band is called The Need and the song “Dark Sally”:

Recently I made a sleeve for an LP by The Skywalkers. The band is a duo, two guys that could almost have been my grandchildren. Marthy Coumans, on whose Grey Past Records label the LP will be released, asked to make it a psychedelic design, but i didn´t want it to look as if it was made in the sixties, so i made this:

The band was not happy with it; they had something else in mind. And since it is their LP, i made as good as i could what they asked for:

I cannot colour, but i had in mind a completely over-the-top psychedelic mix of colours. But as you can see in the video that the band made, they kept the colours quite simple. Only after i listened to their songs on MySpace i understood their taste. A great band! The LP will be out in November, so make a note in your cell phone!