Monday, 18 October 2010

The past few days i had little time to draw, because i have been working in the office of an old friend, who i hadn’t seen in at least ten years. Among the things we used to do together was going to concerts of a band called Jimmy James & The Blue Flames. It was a soul band that played covers of Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, etcetera. I knew some of the band members, so i saw them a lot. But they were real good and wherever they played they had the crowd dancing. I used to have a tape of some live recordings, but that was not as good as i remebered them, and i vaguely remember i erased it. I also vaguely remember that they made a studio demo, but i am not sure if i only heard it or that i had a copy. I tried to find it, but i didn’t see it anywhere.
So, this story ends without music. Unless anybody who reads this has a recording of Jimmy James & The Blue Flames. I did a little Google search, but i couldn’t find any link.
here are the only two drawings that i made in the past few days. Of course, i could show you the things i built in that office, but somehow i don’t think this is very interesting.

Here is a video of a new Dutch band that has a song out that i like very much, Bongomatic. Actually i wanted to show you the video that they had made for their CD, that should be out one of these weeks, but somehow i coudn’t find it. I saw it on somebody else’s computer, so it must be somewhere. It is clip shot at the Parade and it fifty time better than all the other Bongomatic video’s that i saw tonight. Except for this one, that is called “amazing audience participation”: