Mails and links

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Here is something that i wish i had thought of. But it is Jimmy Woodring who came up with the idea and a brilliant way to work the idea out.

I just did a tour around the Prikborden of my 102 FaceBook friends and found this video on the page of Aram Leeuw:

Wabmester Arjen sent me this link. It is movie of a homemade spacecraft. I like it very much, and it helps to know that this is an extremey low budget project.

Marijn van der Waa had these cartoons on his site:

Man, would i love to have a book with robot cartoons!

And here is a photo that Eiko Bron sent me, as a reaction to my post on a film that i saw as a child and that impressed me very much, but of which i don’t know anything apart from the fact that it was about an abdij, a treasure and some boys.

I can’t say if this is the movie that i would love top see agin, but i will try to find it and tell you afterwards.

And finally some Piet Schreuders related videos that i would love to write about, but i just don’t have the time today: