Saturday, 17 September 2011

I dream away much of my time about a better life on this planet for everybody. The difficulty is that i cannot see it happen without some major changes, the size of miracles. If such a change is ever gonna come, it will be in a way that is invisible to me now. And that leaves little else for me to do but hope. I am an optimistic person, i still hope that things will we change in miraculous ways.
One of the reasons why i like to see talentshows, is that people show that my expectations are too low. Or, better said, that reality can easily exceed my thoughts. Especially to see how young people seem to become more and more talented by the year, is very inspiring. Only fifteen years ago the only talentshow on Dutch television was one in which grownups playbacked their idols. Look at what is happening today!
Here is an 11 year old girl called Anna Graceman. She is a musician, but there must be thousands of kids her age who are politicians, invertors, doctors and teachers. With the same skills and talent as this girl.

And here is guy called Emmanuel Kelly, who started his life with probably about 1% of the chances that i have had. But, thanks to a mother that is one out of a million, and to several other factors that are beyond my understanding, he turns out to be able to walk on a stage of the Australian version of X-Factor and with a single sense of selfpity or anger or any other negative emotion sing one of my all time favourite songs. If that doesn’t give you hope, what can…