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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Last week Pieter Dorrenboom gave me a pile of twenty real good soul 45’s, that he rescued from a garbage container. He hasn’t told me the complete story yet, but all these records were meant to be destroyed. Probably because the previous owner could not sell them. There are thousands of great and exciting soul 45’s that are not collectable. I usually buy them for 1 euro, and most often i find many of them at one time, as a part of what is left over of someone’s collection. I have some collector’s items too, but in most cases i don’t find these valuable records better than the cheap ones. I am very happy to own these records now, and i were Pieter i would have kept them myself. But i am also a bit sad because stuff like this is thrown away all over this planet all the time. I can’t expect Pieter to check all garbage containers. The idea of so many books and records being destroyed is heartbreaking.
Here are some labelshots of my favourites:

The records are in a pretty good condition and when i listened to them last night i felt it is time to make some more compilations of my soul & disco collection. So far I have only made ten of them, but there are still a few hundred 45’s waiting to be digitalised.
Here is a song of one of Pieter’s records, “Hell Street junction” by Dave Baby Cortez:


Oldies DJ

2011-09-24 08:40:27

I’m an Oldies DJ ( and still spin records. Have many Longplays from Dave Baby Cortez. Love his sound! Love your blog!