Sunday, 10 August 2008

Here are two sheets of 3D-stickers that I bought last week:
I found them in an Euroshop, for 1 euro each. I cannot show you the 3D-effect, but it is not very spectacular anyway, so you don’t miss much. But hey, this stuff costs 1 euro!
I remember the first time that I saw a 3D-sticker. I got it on a “Kermis” and I was so happy! It had dinosaurs on it, I remember that correct. But it might have been some other wild animals. Later I got the collection of 3D-stickers that Shell gave away if you bought their gasoline. I have no idea when all this happened; there is no date in the Shell book.
My father had to travel a lot for his work, so as a kid I got all the premiums that were given away at gas-stations. And I still have some of these collections. But these 3D-stickers from Shell were among my favourites. Especially the one with the Atomium on it.
As a kid I collected everything, and especially the stuff that you got for free with certain products. I wish there was a book about all these collections. Hm, maybe I should try and begin making a little list… If anybody has any suggestions. Let me know.