True Hallucinations

Monday, 4 August 2008

I just found out that somebody has uploaded on YouTube the complete book True Hallucinations, read by the author himself, Terence McKenna. Here is part 1:

There are 50 episodes, with a total length of 500 minutes! The easiest way to listen to these readings is to go here and to click on “play all””. I also discovered that they were originally released as nine CD’s by Photosynthesis. These nine CD’s are sold for 100 dollars, which is way beyond my budget. I will wait till an mp3 CD is released for a more appropriate price.
True Hallucinations is one of my favourite books. The part where McKenna’s brother Dennis is having the weirdest trip ever, is one of the most intriguing stories that I have ever heard of. I have no idea in which episode this is being read, but it is somewhere halfway the book. But of course, you are going to listen to the whole book!



2008-08-05 05:50:56

McKenna 103 minuten aan het woord en in beeld over human mind and culture :