Meer Wilde man

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Somebody send in a comment to the story about De Wilde Man. Well, actually it were two somebodies and they both asked for more tracks of this phenomenon.
Here is De Wilde Man and some of his friends with ”Ik vecht als het moet”:

I have not much more information on this rapper other then what I have already told here. Warren a.k.a. De Wilde Man is very popular in our family; he is on every CD that I make whenever we rent a car, and even my nine year old daughter loves his raps. We often have discussions about the question if he is genuine. My son thinks he is fake, because he is too funny and because his beats are so original. That are strong arguments. But I think he is for real. I know the Dutch rap scene a bit and I never had the slightest clue that this was another rapper who was making a joke. Still, it might be. Here is one of his best tracks, ”WeedJunk”:

I think that I have more tracks in the box with minidisks that I recorded from ”Tegenwicht voor evenwicht”, the radio show that played these tracks a few years ago. But I am sure that I have not all the tracks that they played, and I am pretty sure that they didn’t play all the tracks that he sent them. Somebody should ask Def P, the host of the show, if he still has the CD’s that De Wilde man sent him.



2008-08-18 06:35:11

Wilde man rocks ( stupid comment, just testing formatting of comments.