Thursday, 7 August 2008

I am a pretty healthy guy, apart from a few minor problems and a few larger causes of discomfort. Like a recurring pain in my lower back. I need to visit a chiropractor several times a year, and to do some daily exercises, but most of the time I can get through the day without too much difficulties. But playing soccer becomes more and more a problem, and wild dancing is also restricted to every now and then.
When I was twenty or so I took a break dance course, where I learned some of the basics of what was called break dancing in those days. It was very clear that this was way too difficult for me. And even then I was already too old.
I still love watching break dancing, and it is incredible to see to what heights some kids have taken this art. My brother just sent me a link to this video on YouTube:

When somebody had told that these moves where possible twenty years ago, nobody would have believed that. Just watching this video is painful!
Ruud Hulleman sent me another three thousand links to video’s somewhere on the web, and almost all are great. Here is a link to a page, where you have to scroll a bit to find a video filmed at a station on the North Pole.
And here is one of the two billion photo’s that Ruud also sends me every week:
And here is one of his recent animation movies that Ruud uploaded to YouTube:




2008-08-07 05:31:53

Echt een gave animatie Ruud.


2008-08-10 13:05:13

meer, meer, meer!
Hop Frits, hop, hop, hop Ruud!


2008-08-17 10:34:17