Henk Badings

Sunday, 3 August 2008

When I was worhing in the new “magazijn”, where Harrie Berkhout is going to store all his 40.000 lp’s, I noticed this LP on the floor:
Harrie seemed not being in much hurry to pick it up, so I said: “I thought this electronic music LP’s were rare.” ”Not really. Maybe, the first edition of the complete series in mint condition in the original box.” ”What original box?”, since I had never seen such a box.
Harrie walked up to a shelf and showed me a large pile of these LPs. I am not kidding: he has nine copies of this Badings LP. The box was an ugly grey box, that I was glad not to have. I rather keep it with this one LP from the Philips Modern Music Series. Here is “Geneve”, a composition for five audio-frequency oscillators, from 1958: