Feed the lions

Friday, 29 August 2008

Every now and then I get the nagging feeling that I am wasting my time on complete trivia in this Soundtrack. Well, there is no doubt about that, of course. But what I mean is that I sometimes think that I should spend my time and energy and Net-space for more important issues than what I usually write about. This morning I listened to Adam Curry’s 785th episode of the Daily Source Code. Adam is on what he calls a “waking up-trip”. He talks a lot about what he thinks is wrong in the world and what he thinks should change. We have rather different viewpoints, but just like him I tend to think that there are many things very wrong on this planet. But when I think a little bit longer (like in the exercise, that I heard from Robert Anton Wilson ), it becomes clear that the fundamental wrong is not in the world but in my thinking. The real problems in the world are fear and ignorance. I can see that this is what drives all the people who do all the things that make this Life worth leaving. Can I blame people for being afraid or ignorant?
I can also see that fear and ignorance are also driving me. So what are my thoughts worth if they are rooted in fear and ignorance? Not much, I guess. Before I can say anything about the world outside me, and especially about other people, I better be sure that I have the right vision.
There have been days in my life when I had a better vision than I have right now. And one of the things that I remember from those glimpses, is that the world/Life is far better organised than I can grasp with my limited thinking abilities. But I am prisoner of my little mind: even though I remember that the Truth is very different from what I think, I still think what I think.
So, in stead of speaking out on subjects that are puzzling and haunting my mind most of the time, I write about Knitting machines and singing postcards.
There are many bands and singers who do speak out the very thoughts that are on my mind, and on minds like that of Adam Curry. It feels like a relief to hear others express my emotions, but still I think it is basically only feeding the lions. Or the lies, in this case, my own feasr and ignorances.
Anyway, here is the song that Adam Curry played today and that made me write all this.



2008-08-29 06:30:46

But it’s much more fun to read you than to listen to Adam!


2008-08-29 16:44:49

Adam who?