Benny Vreden musicals

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My love went to a flea market while I had to work, so I asked her to buy me some records that she thinks I would like. ”But there are never any records there!” “Well, just try. There is always something.” ”How much money can I spend” ”Three euro, that is the limit”.
Well, she came home with five LP’s, one ten inch record and some 45’s, and although it is mainly crap, I think she scored pretty good. I know that flea market, I never found any good record there.
The best LP was this:
It is one of the many LP’s that were made by Benny Vreden Productions. This company started in the late fifties or early sixties and specialized in non-commercial record productions. The did some great advertisement records but they also produced tonloads of records for schools. This LP is one of the many musicals the made for the children who leave de Lagere School. It has become a tradition in Holland that these 12 year olds perform a musical for their parents in their final school year. And almost all these musicals are written by Benny Vreden Productions. And actually, the ones that I know are quite good, considering the fact that these musicals have to be played by kids with little to no musical education. I only buy the records about unusual themes, but the fact that they exist says enough.
Whem I was 12, our class did a musical called the ”Time Machine”. I have no idea if this musical was also written by Benny Vreden Productions, and neither if there is an LP of it, but if that is so, I would sure like to have a copy of that LP.
On one side of these musical LP’s you get all the songs, sang by a choir, and on the other side the same songs, but now only played by the orchestra.
Here is a song from my favourite LP, about Little Green Men from Mars:




2008-08-13 21:51:38

I collect the Benny Vreden school records and indeed they used to be good, but the recent ones I find of poor quality. Though Benny Vreden still does very good business there are a lot of companies in the same field. The most important competetor is Jingo Music. I normally choose a musical of them, because they’re timeless.
“The Time Machine” is a Benny Vreden musical indeed. I remember watching it, because the class that was one year above me performed that one. I played the role of “director” in “De allerlaatste nieuwsshow” ( The very last news show).