R.A. Wilson

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

In a recent podcast of The Psychedelic Salon there is an interview with Robert Anton Wilson.
Robert Anton Wilson is one of the persons that served as an important source of precious information and inspiration for me. One of the things that he showed me, is that you should try to tell everything: many people who have something to say, leave out certain details of their story, because they consider these detalis unnecessary or unimportant. Sometimes they have other reasons to censor their story: shame, pride, fear, etcetera. But it are often these details that mean most to the people who get to read or hear the story. As it is said: God is in the details.
In the 153th Psychedelic Podcast R.A. Wilson talks about an exercise, that he learned from Aleister Crowley. It seems simple: you just sit and meditate on the question why you do this exercise. In my case the first answers that showed up on the screen of my mind were that Robert Wilson said that it is a interesting exercise, because Aleister Crowley said it was an interesting exercise, and he learned it from a Buddhist monk, etcetera, etcetera. But there is no end to the reasons why I do this exercise: as Robert Wilson tells, before you know it, you find that everything you can think of forms a net of synchronistical connected reasons, that only have meaning for you. If there are any reasons in this weird Universe, they are mine and yours.
Although I think that Robert Anton Wilson wrote better things, he is most often known for his writings on the subject of the Illuminati. Here is Tom Smith again, with a song about this strange subject: