Friday, 15 August 2008

It was 50 years ago when the Expo 58 was held in Brussels. Belgium built the Atomium, that still is a fascinating structure today, and it is hard to imagine what kind of impression it must have made on the visitors that saw it in 1958. I have only two records related to the atomium. A *Singing Postcard*…

…and a 45 with the ”Marche de L’Atomium”, played by the Grand Harmonie de Bruxelles.
Recently I wrote in Fool’s Gold about the fact that such an intriguing building like the Atomium apparently has inspired so little musicians, and I got three reactions. Milan Hulsing sent me a picture of an LP that was recently sold on e-Bay,

Ruud Hulleman sent me a link to a site that has several pictures, interviews and movies
on the subject, and somebody who’s name I cannot remember (sorry, whoever you are!) send me a picture of another Singing Postcard featuring the Atomium.

Three reactions is not a bad score, but I still have not heard any other Atomium-*song* apart from the 45 in my collection. And that is not the kind of music that I have in mind when I look at pictures of the Atomium!




2013-09-10 10:31:21

Thankyou for the Decca Records single information. I visited the Atomium last weekend and I took a picture of that record. Where could I ear this music? The link doesnt work. Thankyou.


2013-09-10 13:31:36

@Jam: i revived the music link, so you can now hear it. But maybe think twice before you do!


2013-09-11 15:33:39

Thankyou! It was to be expected a UFO-SciFi music. :)