Thursday, 23 December 2010

A few days a go i posted on FaceBook that i would make an abstract Christmas droodle for everybody who gave me three words. As an example i posted this drawing:

Petert van Abbe immediately reacted with the words “drol, vis en sneeuw”. So, that promised to be an exciting evening. This is what i made:

While i did this drawing, two other suggestions came in over the mail: one by Jezebella Cruella (“The Cramps, ghosts & the Internet”) and one by Natasja van Loon (“bamboo, butterfly & purple”).

Next came mails from Anya Terpstra (“Amsterdam, blue and happy”), Aris de Vries, (“angstschreeuw, futiel & icannotremember”) and Marian Hanou (“pinguin, wall & ball”)

And finally there were requests by Marco Kalnenek (“snow, love and a journey”), Rob Lesman (“antropomorph and two nonsense words that i cannot remember”) and Tineke van Brederode (“camel, desert, black king, golden stars and purple”):

The idea was to make these drawings without thinking, as quick as possible. I think that the result is not much less than the drawings that i make with a lot more effort.



2010-12-24 12:43:29

mee eens, Frits. Ze zijn prachtig. Ik ga vandaag ook weereens muziek with a lot less effort maken.


2010-12-24 21:09:30


U beschuldigd mijn van onzin, Frits? ;) COOL, maar toch even Uw engels bijspijkeren!


2010-12-24 21:10:57

(En ik mij Neederlandsch?}


2010-12-24 21:14:33

Ahum. Ik heb Blimp inmiddels gevonden, maar wat is dan Flummox?! Dat mijn Engels bijgespijkerd zou kunnen worden, is een feit. Maar misschien moet ik met wat simpelere woorden beginnen…?