Tonio's soundtracks

Monday, 31 January 2011

I gave up making monthly soundtracks lasts year: i rarely listened to these cd’s. But Tonio van Vugt still makes one compilation every month and i must say: they are good! He has a different taste from mine, so that helps to enjoy the music that he selects. Last december i got his **Soundtrack of October and a compilation with the best songs of 2010, according to Tonio (and Helmi).

I think the sleeve of the Best of 2010 cd is totally cool, and so is the music. I checked which songs that i liked best are on YouTube and they are almost all on YouTube… So you can easily find them yourself, if you would like to.
But here is the number one on Tonio’s & Helmi’s list:



2011-01-31 23:01:23

Steel and Glass van Lennon is een mammoet van een song enne… Joanna Newsom ook weer niet té veel met Kate Bush vergelijken (nee, en ook niet met Joni Mitchell..) Joanna Newsom is gewoon Joanna Newsom