Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Yesterday i had an appointment next to a recordshop where i regularly buy Suri Soul records, Record Mania.
I saw that they had some boxes standing outside saying “Free records”. I had no time, but i couldn’t resist going inside and asking what this meant. Well, it turned out that they had so many records that they had no place to store them. But because the owner hates throwing away records, he tries to give them away for free.
Like i already said, i had no time, so i just picked out three LP’s from the first box, among which is this German record:

I wondered what was on this record. I could not believe the liner notes, which say that all these politicians were in a studio to record a song. Maybe it were imitators? The linernotes are too vague to get a clue:

I came home late, but i played the record before i went to bed. To my surprise it was even better than i hoped for. It are mashups, using parts of speeches and make them into a song. Here is a great example, by Karl Schiller, called “”High”: