Stars (part 2)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

The idea that i mentioned yesterday, that our language hints to the idea that we are in essence Stars, having the time of a life here on Earth, is part of a bigger idea, that is sometimes called “green language”. It is about the clues of the Truth given by our unconscious mind in language, symbols, art and other culture exprexssions.
It takes a lot of mental jumps to take this idea of a “green language” seriously. First one has to be able to accept the idea that ís a Truth (“the root”) and that our perception of reality is an illusion that leaves out essential aspects. Second, one has to accept the idea that our mind has a part that is far more knowing and intelligent than the part of our mind that we have access to under normal circumstances. And third, probably the biggest jump for many people, one has to accept the idea that there is Intelligence in Life that exists and operates outside our brains.
Some nice examples of “green language” are in the movie “Groundhog day”. It is about a guy called Phil (which is “live” spoken backwards!) who is visiting a ritual in a village, where the end of the winter is decided upon by checking if a groundhog has woken up or not. Any time that the words sleep, dream or waking up are used, you can bet it is esoteric code ( a more common name for “green language”). And not by coincidence the groundhog is also named Phil, just like the main character in the story. Phil gets stuck in the snow and he has to relive the same day infinitely. He gets stuck in the now. This relation between “snow” and “now” is used in many stories; last week i saw the movie “Family man” and there the same idea is used too, in a slightly different way, but to obvious not to notice it.
There are many more examples of esoteric code in Groundhog day, but i have experienced that is useless to try and convince anybody of ideas like this. Especially because i don’t know what to make of these ideas myself!
The idea that we are 3D physical projections of Stars, playing a game called Life here on Earth, is of course not a popular one. I have never seen a book about it; all i now i either picked up from all kind of sources or made up myself. Still, it is one of the most interesting ideas that i have ever got in my head. It also gives a complete new dimension to the in my opinion pretty stupid way how astrology is understood nowadays.
Science (physics)tells us that Stars are liveless conglumerations of atoms. But that is the same as saying that human beings a nothing more than 70 liters of water, a small piece of soap, a tiny chunk of carbon and few milligrams of fluor and metals. The essential ingredient of a human being is something that cannot be perceived with the senses. It is Life, Time or whatever you call it. We cannot expect that we, from our standpoint, can know what a Star really is just by using the data that we gather with our senses.



2010-12-26 17:36:02

“There are many more examples of esoteric code in Groundhog day, but i have experienced that is useless to try and convince anybody of ideas like this.”

You don’t need to convince anyone, Frits, but feel free to share these examples…
Groundhog Day is my fave movie, and I (and I hope/assume other readers?) would love to hear/read your take on it more extensively.

CHEERS in advance!


2010-12-26 20:34:01

I will look up my notes and send you a letter, okay?


2010-12-27 18:34:23

Cool, ik wacht in ontspanning af… :)