Size does matter

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I do most of my drawings and lettering on A4 or A5 size. That is because i am not really intereted in the physical result, i just want to see what comes out. It is more of a journey without an end, and every drawing is just one step. The A5 size is perfect for me, but especially the inking takes quite some time. It would go quicker if the size was smaller. So i tried how that works:

A6 would be okay, but then i would have to use finer pens and better glasses. I think i stick to A5.
What i did on FaceBook a few days ago, lettering texts/quotes/oneliners that any of my FB friends proposed, i would love to do here too. If you want a text to be handlettered in the style that i showed here and there , please mail it to me.