The Dualers

Monday, 27 December 2010

Last week i did another comic page for the Dutch buddhist magazine. My dear friend Rob Chrispijn works for that zine and he writes the comic. I once told him that i find drawing comics a severe pain in the ass job, so he said that from a buddhist standpoint i should draw more comics. I was in no position to refuse this generous offer to work on myself. So far we made six pages and in some the artwork is so embarrassing that i didn’t even want to show it to you.

I am much more happy with a recent portrait that i drew of Si Cranstoun, one of the singers of the band The Dualers.

The other singer of the band was his brother Tyber. He has a great voice, and just like Si, he radiates fun when he is on stage. For a reason unknown to me Si has gone solo. I wonder what Tyber is going to do. I have tried to draw a portrait of him too, but so far i couldn’t do it. Of course, i am not giving up.
Here are some more video’s of the Cranstoun brothers:

You can easily find more yourself; there are at least fifty videos of them on YouTube and the are all great.