Sketchbook (part 16)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

As some of the readers of this blog know, i make a small fanzine. In fact this handlettered zine already existed when i started doing this website and i gave it the same name, “Showcase”. I have been making fanzines all my life, in all kind of formats and on all kind of subjects. What i have been making for the past few years is very simple: it is a only column. I make one whenever i feel like it and send it to whoever i think of or whoever asks for it. I have made over 1800 of these columns and i still am not bored with it.
A year ago Ger van Wulften (Xtra) told me he would like to make a book of these Showcases. Since he publishes-on-demand a risky project like this is possible. I think the initial amount of copies printed will be around 100 and it is not unlikey that Ger will not even sell these 100 copies. I never made more than 25 photocopies of any of my zines and i still have a lot of paper left!
After some puzzling how this should be done, Ger decided to make one big book of it, with little to no editing.
The book will be presented next year March on the comic days, that will be held in Workum this time. I have had quite a few thought on this project, but i will collect them before i bother you with them.
Meanwhile i am basically just making more abstract droodles. Some body asked how long i will continue this project, but i don’t know. I don’t feel i have much to say about what inspires me. I often think that a few hundred of these droodles is more than enough, but the next moment i am making another one.
Here are again some recent ones:



2010-12-23 11:28:20

Please reserve a book or me! And I hope it will be as complete as possible.


2010-12-23 16:41:02

Bundle ‘em ALL, except for one.
Either way, ik houd me ook aanbevolen. :)