United by fate

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The third LP that i got for free from Record Mania is “United by fate” by the band Rival Schools:

I did a google search to find out some info on this band and to my surprise most info was about people who were looking for a copy of this LP. I read on a site that the LP was osld for over 100 euro.
Ain’t it weird that i get 3 LP’s for free from a record store and that two of them turn out to be pretty valuable? There were hundreds of free LP’s, how about them? I only had two minutes to pick out these two LP’s and i had no idea that these records are worth so much money. What does this say? That i have good taste or intuition? Or that this is just coincidence? Or what else?
Here is a song from the LP:



2010-12-20 14:02:26