45's sleeves

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Woohaaa! Today I picked up an envelop from my P.O. box (75459, 1070 AL Amsterdam). It was the first time I received something from Ruud Verkerk, who I got to know through this blog. He send me something very very interesting, but because I need some more time to work my way into this material, I will write about that later this week. But here are some scans that Ruud sent me:

I never bought any of such 45-sleeves. Some people do that, to upgrade their collection. But these things cost often more than the records that I would like to put in them. I just do with the sleeves that I kept when I bought records that I didn’t really like. I gave the records away, but kept all the good sleeves. Not all my 45’s are in original sleeves, but many are.
I also like to make my own sleeves. I used to do that while listening to piles of new records that entered my place. When you do this for a while, you can make a few sleeves per record. I used 120grs coloured paper, which always gave me great pleasure when I stuck the records in it at the end of an evening making sleeves.

Here is a track that was send to me by Robert Van der K.. File under Xmas!



2009-06-02 13:02:19

Do you know the weblog Record Envelope? It has a great collection of ‘factory sleeves’.