De Opels

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I have a little pile of exotic soul records, which are in a very bad condition. So bad that I cannot really play them. I keep them because I am sure that one day somebody will come up with a technique to get a perfect sound out of these records. Here is an example, Too young to love by De Opels:

There is of course software to reduce the unwanted sound effects. I don’t use that, because it also reduces too much of the music. But what I do use, is a trick that I once learned from a Belgium deejay. Whenever he played a record that had too much surface noise, he sprayed some water on the record. Not every record is worth risking a premature death by electrocution, but exotic soul records are very dear to me. With a bit of water on the grooves De Opels sound like this:

For this special occasion I also tried the Disco-Antistat record washing device, that I got from Tonio van Vugt. The result is indeed surprising, especially halfway the song:

Imagine how this record will sound in ten years or so, when we have the technique or software that I mentioned earlier!



2008-02-20 13:13:56

I’m experimenting with the same things overhere. I kind of figured out a waterspraying method of my own. Sometimes afterwards i try to digitally remove scratches one by one manually, but only if it’s really a precious and rare record, because it can take up to a day to clean a few minutes.

Sometimes automatic digital cleaning helps, but it only is effective with a certain kind of clicks. Otherwise it can make the noise even worse.


2008-02-21 05:22:01

The technique you mention has already existed for a couple of years now: the laser turn table.

See for more info.