The Beatels

Monday, 25 February 2008

Google asked me, after I typed in the name of the band that is today’s subject, ”Did you mean “The Beatles” “ No, I meant The Beatels!
Robert van der Kroft sent me a mail about this Australian band yesterday. Before yesterday I had never heard of the Beatels, but I am very happy to know they exist. I just visited their website, but the information and music that I found there was not half as interesting as what Robert told me, so I will summarise his mail for you.
Before the anthology CD’s came out, The Beatels recorded all the songs that the Beatles had written and/or played, but not officially released. And the Beatels did this in Beatles style, of course. I think that was a brilliant concept, and it is a bit of a bummer that the anthology CD’s were released.
Here is the song that was written for Cilla Black, It’s for you, played by the Beatels:

The Beatels exist about ten years now. Most bands playing the Beatles repertoire don’t last that long, as we all know. That makes it strange that I have never heard of the band before. I must admit that I like The Fab Four better, but still: it makes me wonder how many other, similar bands I have missed! If you happen to know more bands that operate in this fringe area of pop culture, please let me know.



2008-02-25 15:11:40

Does <b>The Rutles<b> count as a similar band as well? They mixed a lot of the fab four songs into new songs! Besides, I haven’t seen The Rutles in this soundtrack yet.