Rick wakeman

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sometimes it seems indeed that ignorance is bliss. I wrote about synthesizer records not so long ago, and Jan Turkenburg asked if I had a copy of the rare LP Knights of the round table, by Rick Wakeman.
I don’t have that record, but I do have four other LP’s of this keyboard wizard. I thought that this was quite something, considering the fact that I do not see these records that often. But I just took a look at Wikipedia and discovered that the man has made at least two thousand LP’s, apart from what he recorded with Yes. And probably all two thousand are available on CD, so there was no real reason to write this story.
I am not even a fan of Rick Wakeman. I bought these LP’s for the occasional track in which he does an over the top moog pop tune. My favourite LP is White rock, the original motion picture soundtrack of the Innsbruck Winter Olympics in 1976. From what I know, this is his most poppy LP and it has at least four great tracks on it. Here is the song that I like most.

By the way, the reason that the excerpt of the radio show Superclean Dream Machine sounded so bad, was not because of the tape. My dear Tascam 122 tape deck is in need of some special attention. Are there still people who repair tape decks?



2008-02-19 02:53:58

I think there are. I know at least one in Zwolle.


2008-02-19 12:21:10

By the way, some research told me that I’m looking for:

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Perform The Works Of Rick Wakeman (1978 UK 4-track LP, features classic Rick Wakeman tracks played by the R.P.O., picture sleeve with notes AMLH68447).