Wakka Chikka 2

Friday, 22 February 2008

The letter, that I wrote a few days ago, is actually the way I would love to write my whole website. But, as my webmaster Arjen pointed out in his own subtile way, search engines can not read that.
When I began writing this daily blog I thought that I needed half a year to get a few thousand readers, advertisers, and offers from publishers. I have now been doing this for about 15 months and slowly my best friends are beginning to discover this blog. Some even read it once a week! So, making myself invisible for the search engine robots is maybe not such a great idea. Unless I want to try and become a cult hero, of course.
Last night I couldn’t sleep because of the Beatles. Arjen said that I had have written 24 entries about the Beatles so far. I kept on thinking that, if don’t be careful, my blog would end up in Google’s top ten for search results for the Beatles! So, no more Beatles for a while.
I got in contact with Marco Kalnenek after a magazine wrote that his cassette tape with homemade music was very interesting. I ordered a tape and liked it indeed. After a few tapes with his own music, he began sending me tapes (and later CDr’s) with high- and lowlights from his record collection. That came to an end when his website, Weirdomusic exploded. I do get mails from him from time to time, mainly about new releases on his e-label, WM recordings. The latest release is a second Wakka chikka wakka chikka compilation. The sub title is porn music for the masses and the first volume can still be downloaded at Comfort Stand.
I haven’t mentioned any of all this, not Weirdomusic, not Comfort Stand, and not any of the artists that can be found there.
There is simply too much music! Some people have suggested that it should be forbidden to produce any more music untill we have categorised and re-released all the music that has been made up till now. That is a bad idea, because I have just listened to Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka 2 and I like it very much. And I am not even into porn, masses and follow ups!
Here is one of the Wakka Chikka tracks that I like best Strong women By the Hydropods. Not a very representative song, but nevertheless.



2008-02-22 07:56:44

once a week? Each time you publish a new entry my rss-feed-warner pops up! So more like each day actually :-)


2008-02-22 07:57:29

once a week? Each time you publish a new entry my rss-feed-warner pops up! So more like each day actually :-)


2008-02-22 07:57:52

once a week? Each time you publish a new entry my rss-feed-warner pops up! So more like each day actually :-)


2008-02-22 09:02:42

Writing on how you’re not gonna write about the beatles is doing your beatles rating not much good: 25 entries and counting..

Jan Hendrik van Oers

2008-02-22 12:42:11

As avid reader and lover and apraiser of all your work I am as you suprised why not everybody has you website as a starting page. I think your quality it too high? Oh yes Beatles, 26 and counting….


2008-02-22 17:17:11

I did not post my comment three times by the way ;-)
Or did I without knowing?
They’re going too fast, them computers…


2008-02-23 15:37:08

Thanks for the promotion :-)

By the way: you did not buy a tape from me, way back in 1993, but I sent it to you for free, after I saw your request for strange music in ‘Platenblad’.


2008-02-25 13:32:25

Aha! Your memory is better than mine.
I just looked and i have more tapes with your home made music than that first tape. This story is to be continued!