Saturday, 23 February 2008

On the hard disc, that crashed one and a half year ago, I had a list of Batman related music. I did not made this list myself, I found it somewhere on a blog. That blog was in my Favourites section, but just as the list, that is gone too. I have quite a collection of Batman related music, but I was surprised how much music on that list I had never heard of. Last week I found a track that, as far as I remember wasn’t even on that list. That gives something to think about how much Batman related music there must be.
Here is that track. It is a cover of the theme by Labert Elis, and I got it from the 42th radio show of Funky16Corners.

The other Batman song was in a compilation that I found on the V-Rocket blog. The compilation is called Hot Boppin’ Instrumentals and not only the cover is great! But here is the cover of the Batman theme by Les & Larry Elgart:

If anybody has a list of all the Batman related music that is known to exist, I would love to get a copy of that.