FaceBook friends (part 9)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Somebody asked if he might write something about the portraits that i am making of all of my FB friends. Of course he may, but it made me think a while. I started this project to give myself a reason to be on FaceBook, and to make FaceBook a bit more interesting for me. And i started it to learn to draw portraits. I don’t feel comfortable at all with the results so far. Maybe one out of five portraits is okay, but half of them are still beyond recognition. My aim to be able to make a recognisable portrait of every face. That is at this moment totally out of reach. The idea of being mentioned as a portrait artist in an article doesn’t make me entirely happy.
Here are some new portraits, all done with coffee and paint brush:



2011-03-06 15:06:00

Geweldig weer! Simpel en mooi.