Friday, 4 March 2011

A friend told me that a recent issue of a Dutch women’s magazine was refused by iTunes because there were pictures in it that showed some naked breasts. He said that iTunes allowed no porno.
I was puzzled by this info. I can somewhat understand that iTunes doesn’t like to distribute porno. I would not distribute porno either, if i was a distributer. But i would not distribute violence either, or lies or commercial nonsense, with which Apple seems to have no problems at all. I think that violence, as it is used in many videoclips, games and movies is far more problematic than porno. And what is pornographic about breasts? What is pornograhic about any naked bodyparts, or people having sex? What is this ridiculous idea that sex is bad? Wars and violence are bad! And so are lies, theft and commercial nonsense, but not sex. The abuse of women is also bad, no doubt about that, and maybe women are abused in porno. But still, it should never be compared with killing and other forms of evil.
Dolf Hell lend some copies of a magazine that was considered undecent in the fifties, “Piccolo”. Here are some pictures that iTunes probably would have censored half a century ago:



2011-03-04 21:37:35