Sketchbook (part 21)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A few years ago i discovered what i call (in Dutch) “exponentieren” (met een umlaut, maar die kan ik op mijn toetsenbord niet vinden…). Whenever i am in a situation where whatever i am doing doesn’t seem to work, i can either quit or do it in a overdrive. The expression “to turn on the overdrive” does not mean exactly the same as “exponentieren”; the latter means going beyond all limits.
Every now and then making this daily blog brings me in a situation where i really haven’t a clue why i am doing this. The amount of readers is staggering low (and decreasing) and i still feel uncomfortable with a computer. I would rather make a magazine than a blog. But since quiting doesn’t feel like an option, here are once again some pages from my sketchbook:

To be continued!!!