Finger painting

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

After i did the paint brush coffee drawings, i realised that i have to find out what kind of brush i should use. I used one of the ten brushes that i once bought for 1 euro, but i am sure there must be better brushes on this planet. And better paper too, because the paper that i used worked like a sponse.
I wondered if it was possible to draw with my fingers. I once tried this on an iPod, and to my surprise that was easier than i had expected. So i dipped my finger in the cup of coffe and tried to make a drawing of some of the people in an old encyclopedia and the saturday newspaper that i was cutting into pieces at that moment:

The portraits show little ressamblance with th pictures, but trying this fingerpainting made me very happy. I will let my nails grow and try again within a few days!



2011-03-03 12:24:55

Wow, some excellent portraits! Very lively, yet solid. And much better without the pencil drawing.


2011-03-09 13:13:55

Hee Frits. Al jouw facebook vrienden lijken op psychopatische criminelen. Ik zag mijzelf ook langs komen. Toch even in de schuur gaan kijken of er niet een stapel lijken lag.


2011-03-09 22:21:53

Marthy… dit zijn niet mijn FB vrienden. Het zijn mensen die in de krant stonden. Oa Willem Elsschot en een of andere bisschop. Okee, ik zal jou opnieuw proberen te tekenen.