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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rudy Hulleman asked me if he could make an animation video with my Tattooed Pictures. I know Ruud for half my life and I love his work, so I said yes immediately. We wrote a scenario together, I made some new tattooed pictures, and Ruud Hulleman got so enthusiast, that he couldn’t wait till I made the rest of the tattooed pictures that we had planned. Instead he used some of the old ones, that I have made long time ago. He also re-wrote the scenario, and uploaded the result last night.
Because I am looking at video that is based on stuff that I have made myself, I find it difficult to say what it is worth. But I like what Ruud has done; it is much better than what I had in mind.
Here is the video:

I always hoped to see a video on YouTube that had less than 10 hits. Well, it finally happened. But when I had that wish, I was not thinking of a video that I had a hand in, of course.


Arjen van Bochoven

2008-09-06 03:06:19

Great piece! This might even help sell some of your pictures, or at least attract new responses like “Could you do a tattoed pocture for my girlfriend?” By the way, you already crossed the 10 hits limit, but you knew that would happen.


2008-09-06 13:29:33

Terrific piece of art! Especially the Egg build up bit by bit and ending in our Tattoo world!


2008-09-08 07:31:26

wow! Excellent.


2008-09-10 04:37:32

Excellent work guys!
Especially the combination of pictures and music.

114 views by now…..