The Flame

Sunday, 14 September 2008

I have made a better model of the Flame. Long time ago I made a few, but I think that I understand the model a little better now that I have seen the video’s that Stan Tenen put on YouTube. I have not yet a camera, so I can not show you the model, but it is a strange object.
Making models and drawings of symbols sometimes helps to get a deeper understanding of their meaning. In this case I cannot say it worked: I even began to doubt the whole idea that there is a code in Genesis.
What I did notice is that the Flame/Vortex model seems to overlap the Yin&Yang symbol. A few years ago I have been puzzling a long time on the Yin&Yang symbol; I am not sure what I have written about that in this blog, but if you are interested, I can send you photocopies of what I have written and drawn on this beautiful symbol. On this page you can see some of the sketches that I made in the past few days, trying to see in what ways the two symbols fit together.
I love make such drawings. Even if it leads nowhere, I am never disappointed. Making these geometrical drawings pleases me to no end. And it always leads to interesting ideas and insights, although they often have little to do with the symbols. I see it as a form of guided imagination.
Here is a video that Ruud Hulleman send me a link to. It is one of the best animation movies I have seen in a long time!