Het Geluid van Amsterdam (part 2)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Writing a column every three (during the summer) or two weeks (during the winter) for ”Z”, the Amsterdam magazine for the homeless, is beginning to become a pleasure. All the problems seem to have been solved and after seven columns I feel it is coming alive. Here is the last issue of ”Het geluid van Amsterdam”, in which the book ”De muzikale verleiding” is mentioned for the first time in the press:

I expected that the book would get little attention from the media, but to my surprise Dolf and I are overloaded with requests for interviews. The book has got reviews or large articles in at least ten large newspapers or magazines, over fifteen radio shows are doing something with it, and there is even interest from television.
So much media exposure is rare for a book like ”De muzikale verleiding”, written by two people who never published a book before. I should be very happy with that. And I am! But it is also has another side: many people are not really interested in the book or the songs on the CD’s. They just want an item for their show or magazine. I promised my self to play this game for a month without complaining, so the complaining will start around the 21st of October.
The record that can be heard on the Z-site is a one sided, sleeveless black flexi-record, made by Schiesser (underwear), that somewhere around the mid-sixties moved from Amsterdam to Utrecht and made a record for their customers starring De Mounties and Rijk de Gooijer:



Roland Vonk

2009-09-24 16:29:17

En de stem in de intro is natuurlijk van Fred Emmer.